Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dinosaur News: Special Edition

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For quite a while, paleantologists have argues amongst themselves whether
or not the tyrannosaurs were hunters or scavengers. A hunter is one who hunts
live meet for prey, whereas a scavenger eats already dead material.

"Fossil tooth marks found on bone of dinosaurs that apparently survived
tyrannosaur attacks had been uncovered before, suggesting they did hunt live
prey. Evidence as to whether tyrannosaurs also engaged in scavengering is harder
to find, however, since remnants of their meals don't reveal how the carnivores
actually came upon their food. That is, unless, they are caught in the act, as
was with the case in a previous study of a velociraptor...

Now, researchers investigating a... arm bone or humerus of a herbivorour...
dinosaur... suggest tooth marks on the fossils are hints that tyrannosaurs were
scavengers with a delicate touch."

--Charles Q. Choi, Fox News

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You want more dinosaurs? Good! Me, too! How about some fun facts? Yaaay!!!

  • Tyrannosaurs lived at the very end of the dinosaur age! Young dinosaurs!
  • The T-Rex's full name is the 'Tyrannosaurous Rex,' which means 'king of the tyrant reptiles.'
  • The arms and hands of a T-Rex were so tiny that they may not have had many uses for them at all... Pretty pathetic, eh?

Okay, for more tyrannosaur fun facts, go to this site! Yaay! More links!

George Steinbrenner

Now, I'm not a Yankee fan, but the greatly reveered owner of the Yankees has passed away. George Steinbrenner, age eighty, died at around 6:30 AM. He had suffered a heart attack and passed away while in St. Joseph's hospital in Tampa, Florida. He had over thirty-seven years as the owner of the Yankees, and led them to seven World Series championships, eleven American League pennants, and sixteen AL East Titles. For more information, please click on this link.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Answers to Life's Mysteries (one)

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie pop?
232 licks apx. for try one. for try two, 318 apx. and for try three, we get the grand total of 346 apx...

The answer to life, the universe, and everything is equal to forty-two. It was proclaimed this in Hitchhiker's Guide, and everything in that book is true.

Are you breaking the law if you drive past a sign that says No Passing?
Yeah, but they don't know that...

Can you buy an entire chess set in a pawn shop?
You shouldn't be able to, but with the current state of human minds and the desperate measures people are taking to get money, one can buy a full chess set in a pawn shop... Oh, the irony.


Have you ever seen a kitten that was just so cute that you wanted to take it home and have it live with you forever and ever? Well, there's four of those kinds of kittens that I want so badly, but that I'm not allowed to have. So cute...

IF MY STUPID PHONE WOULD LET ME UPLOAD PICTURES ONTO HERE I would totally show you pictures of them. But I have a stupid phone... It's everso depressing.

Anyways, I feel like I'm plummeting downward through an endless black hole. The economy sucks. My mom lost her teaching job for next year, my dad's salary in his government job got cut, and I can't find anyone who will pay my rate of $7 an hour for math tutoring! Life is so unfair, but as my fifth grade teacher always said, "Whoever told you life was fair lied to you."

I am really tired. I may have slept for ten hours, but I am not ready to get up. My mind has been working overtime recently. I've been working on two stories recently, along with trying to figure out the questions that haunt the world.

That's all for this post.

Monday, May 31, 2010


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@You: I have discovered the art of drinking water. It is fantastic! You put ice in a glass and then put the glass under the tap, where you then turn the cold water knob(the one marked with a blue dot) to the left slightly. When water fills the glass, you turn the knob to the right to turn the water off. Then you can drink the water! AND IT TASTES LIKE WATER!!



Welcome. Please take an asteroid and be seated. My name is Tamara. Tamara Smitt, actually, though I prefer to be called Tammy. I'm at an age in my life. It can be very appeasing and fulfulling to be at an age, but then again, it can also remind one of the strage realities of this world, especially those that make life... Awkward.

There's some things that you should know about me before diving into my head, as you are surely about to do merely by coming here. You should know that I'm not normal. I don't respect people how they are meant to be respected. I tend to understand things better than other people, and I also have a way of seeing things in a deeper perspective than others. Some may call be a smart-ass little git, but I actually think I'm pretty witty. Really witty, actually.

I dream of writing... Not just scratching a pen to paper, though. I dream of really writing. Writing that is beyond writing. I dream of poetry. Okay, I lied. I don't sleep enough to dream. However, I do write constantly. No, I don't just write a bunch of depressing poetry that makes you want to cry, though I am pretty good at that. My record so far is eight people crying from one poem. But then I wrote this one and it made people look at me like I was delusional or something... I dunno. I also write short stories and novellas, in case you were interested. They're not very good, granted, but it's better than some, so I'm pleased down to the organs!

Thank you.

*takes a bow and exits stage left*