Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dinosaur News: Special Edition

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For quite a while, paleantologists have argues amongst themselves whether
or not the tyrannosaurs were hunters or scavengers. A hunter is one who hunts
live meet for prey, whereas a scavenger eats already dead material.

"Fossil tooth marks found on bone of dinosaurs that apparently survived
tyrannosaur attacks had been uncovered before, suggesting they did hunt live
prey. Evidence as to whether tyrannosaurs also engaged in scavengering is harder
to find, however, since remnants of their meals don't reveal how the carnivores
actually came upon their food. That is, unless, they are caught in the act, as
was with the case in a previous study of a velociraptor...

Now, researchers investigating a... arm bone or humerus of a herbivorour...
dinosaur... suggest tooth marks on the fossils are hints that tyrannosaurs were
scavengers with a delicate touch."

--Charles Q. Choi, Fox News

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You want more dinosaurs? Good! Me, too! How about some fun facts? Yaaay!!!

  • Tyrannosaurs lived at the very end of the dinosaur age! Young dinosaurs!
  • The T-Rex's full name is the 'Tyrannosaurous Rex,' which means 'king of the tyrant reptiles.'
  • The arms and hands of a T-Rex were so tiny that they may not have had many uses for them at all... Pretty pathetic, eh?

Okay, for more tyrannosaur fun facts, go to this site! Yaay! More links!

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